In The Lovers, I delve into the depths of human relationships. Inspired by the romantic painters of the 18th century and the surrealist artists of the 1920s, I created dream worlds in which desires and sufferings interweave in an opaque fabric of perceptions. The title is a direct homage to René Magritte’s series.

My approach to The Lovers is very technical. Multiple photographs are brought together in post-production to create a new image. I use newly photographed elements but also images from my archive. The integration of 3D renderings expands the possibilities of my artistic vision and allows me to introduce a surreal dimension into my photographs.

The Lovers invites viewers to capture the outward appearance of affection and closeness and explore the hidden worlds of emotion and the complexity of human relationships. This work is an ode to the depth of love and an attempt to understand the veiled glances we cast upon each other.

Photographer: Nicola Tröhler
Assistant: Torsten Maas
Styling: Kim Joes
Hair & Make-Up: Sandra Gimmel