Nicola Tröhler is a worldwide working commercial and fine-art photographer and director based in Zurich, Switzerland.

His works demonstrate a unique blend of visual artistry; often layering images to construct an impossible reality. Tröhler’s images are hyperfocused, modern, and clean. And yet, their emotive nature still embody a sense of wonder, dream, and magic — ultimately forcing the viewer to deploy curiosity to fully grasp his conceptual work.

Further, he doesn’t shy away to challenge what photography could be by combining digitally created elements like 3D renders into his fine-art projects, exploring the space between still and motion pictures.

Nicola Tröhler grew up in the Swiss countryside. Early on, he developed an interest in visual design, art, and specifically in photography. After learning the craft cowering in photo pits at concerts, Tröhler attended the art school in Winterthur, Switzerland, and moved towards fine-art and commercial photography.
+41 79 884 55 58

Selected Clients


SwissLife Insurance
Sanitas Insurance
Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks