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Last weekend I was invited to shoot some portraits at the Zermatt Summit. The Zermatt Summit is a meetup of entrepreneurs from all around the globe, all having sustainability at the core of their business plan.


Shooting under pressure

As those people were pretty busy, I only had a short slot to get the headshots. Good preproduction was vital. I decided to go black and white against a white backdrop and gave each subject different instructions, so the variety is found in the posing. I metered the setup with a stand-in, which allowed me to get the portrait in under two minutes. This fast process is crucial, as the attention span of a person drops very fast in front of the camera.

Because I only needed to shoot three speakers I had the chance to view some of the panels as well and was able to get an impression of the subjects beforehand. I then implemented this research into my instructions to capture the person as authentic as possible.

These deliberations are great fun. For example, I decided to shoot Gunter Pauli (who is approximately 1.9 meters tall) sitting on a chair. My camera was looking down on him, teasing out his “let’s get started” attitude.

Gunter Pauli


You can read the articles Janosch wrote on Medium:

  • Gunter Pauli has been called the Steve Jobs and the Che Guevara of sustainability. Indeed, the Belgian scientist and public speaker is one of the best-known evangelists of sustainable businesses. However, can the “Blue Economy” change the world as we know it?
  • Suat Topsu has a vision: Connecting people around the world with the internet. That is not groundbreaking in itself, but the technology he promotes is: Li-Fi.
  • Joost Wouters had a successful career. The Dutchman worked for Procter & Gamble, Pepsi-Cola, and had his own management consulting firm. Then he discovered seaweed and left everything behind.



Closing I’d like to promote some of the coolest projects I’ve seen

  • Bonaverde, a coffee machine that lets you buy coffee directly from the farmer
  • Coffee Pixels, a coffee bar that uses way more of the bean than a regular coffee
  • SkySails, collecting energy from high-altitude winds with a kite
  • EkoFungi, growing mushrooms from agricultural waste
  • The potential of Seaweed in energy production and food.

Joost Wouters


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