When light travels between two different materials, its direction of propagation changes. When light hits a glass, parts of it is reflected while other parts pass into the glass. In the glass, the light is slowed down and changes its angle. This process is called refraction.

What sounds mainly technical inspired me to create a work about self and external images. Similar to light, these images constantly refract in our everyday lives. Our perception of ourselves and others are faces we maintain consciously, unconsciously, intentionally and unintentionally.

Artists such as Bart Hess, Douglas Gordon or the painting Ambroise Vollard by Picasso inspired my work, which was consolidated after photography through an experimental phase in post-processing. I added the glass as a refractive element into a 3D Scene where the photography served as a light source.

It is not possible to have an uninterrupted view of the person in the images and videos. The refraction of the light in the glass between the viewer and the viewed person refers to the self and external images.