Nicola Tröhler

Together we will bring your vision to life.

With my first self-earned money, I bought a camera. But that purchase would have been useless if there was no purpose for it. That’s why my brother and I founded the music magazine Negative White.

I liked the hours I’ve spent in the pit where I captured countless concerts for our magazine. Names like Coldplay, P!nk, McCartney or Springsteen performed in front of my lens. Nevertheless, my focus shifted more and more towards commercial and editorial photography. I replaced my earplugs with a notepad. Being able to delve into a subject and transfer it into a visual medium is what drives me.

I don’t hesitate to travel the globe, work with big teams and shoot people I can hardly communicate with to capture the perfect picture. No matter whether it is an advertising, a portrait or a reportage: Photography is an internationally understood language and I am continually expanding my vocabulary.